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Blue Sky Speech Therapy with Myra Tishkoff

Opening Up New Worlds with Speech Therapy

Serving children who are experiencing challenges.

Is your child a late-talker?

Strong communication tools are vital to your child’s success in the world in all aspects of life. Whether engaging with mom and dad, enjoying a friend’s birthday party, navigating the classroom and peer relationships, clear communication is vital for gaining independence. I offer a safe, caring environment where children receive the support and guidance to learn new communication skills.

With over 25 years experience, I have developed a comprehensive toolkit of therapeutic approaches to help children overcome their difficulties with speech and language. By discovering each child’s unique interests and goals, I am able to customize therapy so that it is both fun and effective.


I’m Myra Tishkoff and am located in Shoreline, WA. The heart of my work is to uncover your child’s potential and put expansive new worlds within reach.

I am passionate in my belief that all children should be encouraged to participate in their own lives and the world around them with their fullest potential. I have worked with children of all ages and stages – from difficulties in articulation to language deficits and those who are non-verbal.

I have been fortunate to witness many remarkable events of independence in communication that had previously seemed impossible. The confidence that children – and their parents – can gain from learning and improving speech/language skills is truly life-changing.

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